To beat the heat of Tennessee summers, many families enjoy a dip in their beautiful backyard pool. However, a pool safety fence is necessary to protect children, pets, and other loved ones from pool accidents.

Pro-Line Fence Co. is the best choice for pool fencing projects. Over the last two decades, we’ve completed thousands of commercial and residential fence installations and fence repairs in Nashville and surrounding areas. Our expertise includes aluminum pool fencing, wrought iron pool fencing, removable mesh pool fencing, and other easily removable pool fence solutions.

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Laws for Swimming Pool Fences & Access Gates

Pool fencing isn’t just a smart investment—it’s a legal requirement. Tennessee requires a permit to build a private swimming pool anywhere in the state, and specific laws exist for pool gates and fence heights. The Building Officials and Code Administrators Pool Barrier Code applies to every residential swimming pool in Tennessee. This includes all in-ground pools, above-ground pools, and on-ground pools deeper than 24 inches. It features the following requirements for multiple layers of protection:

  • All residential swimming pools must have a barrier of at least 48 inches surrounding them.
  • Vertical clearance between the finished ground level and the barrier cannot be more than 2 inches.
  • The barrier must be climb-resistant, meaning it cannot have any footholds or handholds that could be used to climb over it.
  • The barrier must have an access gate at least 48 inches tall, equipped with a locking device. Self-closing gate options are available for additional protection.

Furthermore, to prevent drowning accidents, all private pools built in Tennessee in or after 2011 are required to have an alarm that emits a sound of at least 50 decibels if it detects that a person, child, or object weighing more than 15 pounds has entered the water.

If these requirements are not met in the construction plan for your pool, your permit may be denied. As pros in pool fencing design and build, we can help you get a lifesaver pool fence installed quickly and successfully. We will also ensure that your fence meets all the codes and standards in your area.

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Benefits of Installing a Life Saver Pool Fence

Pool owners will enjoy numerous benefits when they choose to add pool fencing.

  • Safety — A pool fence is a barrier that prevents unsupervised children and pets from wandering into the pool area and risking accidental drowning. According to the CDC, drowning is the second leading cause of death among children under 14. Installing a fence around your pool can reduce that risk by 83%.
  • Privacy — A pool fence can also help you enjoy your pool without worrying about prying eyes or unwanted visitors.
  • Convenience — Unlike pool nets or covers, a pool fence does not require constant removal and replacement. You can easily access your pool whenever you want without compromising safety or aesthetics.
  • Mandatory in some states — As we detailed above, a pool fence can help you comply with TN regulations and avoid fines or penalties.
  • Save on insurance — Some insurance companies may offer discounts or lower premiums for homeowners who have pool fences installed. This can help you offset the initial cost of the fence and save more money in the long run!
  • Multiple design options — Pool fences come in a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can choose from aluminum, glass, mesh, wrought iron, wood, stone, or a combination of these.

Pool fencing is not only a smart investment for your safety and security but also for your comfort and enjoyment. However, not all pool fences are created equal. You need a reliable and reputable company that can provide you with high-quality pool safety products and great customer service.

For elegant, sturdy, and secure protection for your pool and pool deck, call Pro-Line Fence Co. today at 615-570-3426! We’ll help you choose the best type of fence for your pool, and we’ll handle the entire process of measuring, ordering, delivering, and installing your new pool fence.

Swimming Pool Fencing FAQs

Considering a pool fencing installation for your Tennessee property? Look no further! Below, we’ve compiled essential FAQs to guide you through the legal requirements, benefits, safety features, and options available when it comes to pool fencing. From understanding Tennessee’s pool barrier regulations to exploring the advantages of installing a pool fence and why Pro-Line Fence Co. is your ideal partner, these FAQs provide valuable insights to ensure a safe, stylish, and compliant pool area for your home or business

What are the legal requirements for pool fencing in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, pool fencing is a legal requirement for all residential swimming pools. The Building Officials and Code Administrators Pool Barrier Code mandates that residential pools must have a barrier at least 48 inches high, with vertical clearance not exceeding 2 inches. The barrier must be climb-resistant and equipped with a locking device on the access gate, which must also be at least 48 inches tall. Additionally, pools built after 2011 must have an alarm system to detect unauthorized access.

What are the benefits of installing a pool fence?

Installing a pool fence offers the owner numerous benefits, including enhanced safety by preventing unsupervised access to the pool area, increased privacy, and convenience without the need for constant removal and replacement like pool nets or covers, compliance with state regulations to avoid fines, potential insurance savings, and a wide range of design options to complement your pool and surroundings.

Why choose Pro-Line Fence Co. for pool fencing installation?

Pro-Line Fence Co. offers fast service quality materials, excellent communication, and flexible financing options. With over 18 years of experience, our skilled and certified installers provide free estimates and on-site consultations, competitive prices, and a wide range of fencing products and styles to choose from. We prioritize customer service, offering warranties and guarantees to ensure satisfaction with our pool fencing installations.

What types of pool fencing options does Pro-Line Fence Co. offer?

Pro-Line Fence Co. specializes in various pool fencing options, including aluminum pool fencing, wrought iron pool fencing, removable mesh pool fencing, and other easily removable pool fence solutions. We offer a wide range of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your preferences and ensure the safety and security of your pool area.

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  • Skilled and certified installers
  • Free estimates and on-site consultations
  • Competitive prices and flexible payment plans
  • Excellent customer service, warranties, and guarantees
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In addition to pool fencing, we install and repair privacy fencing, safety fencing, and other access control solutions. Check out our FAQ page for more information.

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