Wooden gates are a great choice for residential and commercial properties. They offer privacy, security, are customizable, and affordable. For automation and convenience, Pro-Line Fence offers a number of operator types that can be fitted to any gate.

What Are The Benefits of a Wooden Gate?

Privacy and Security

Wooden gates are particularly useful for property owners looking to enhance privacy and security. Unlike chain link or ornamental gates, wood gates eliminate the visibility of properties.


Wood offers something that many other building materials do not – versatility. The look of your gate can differ by type of wood, paint, stain, and finish. Let’s consider a customer who wants a rustic entry gate. This look is best achieved by using wood with a more prominent grain pattern and a natural finish. Another added benefit is that wood is timeless. By choosing wood, you are ensuring that your gate will never go out of style.


Wood has been a staple in the building industry for ages, and for a good reason; it is cost-effective. While generally inexpensive, wood is durable. Your wooden gate will remain in good condition as time goes on, with a bit of general maintenance needed along the way. Due to the nature of the material and its accessibility, the associated maintenance costs should be minimal.

You can be confident that you are getting a great value with your wood gate!

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