Chain link gates are most commonly installed on commercial properties for security. When paired with an operator, the gate allows for easy access control. This is highly beneficial for businesses or organizations that handle valuable equipment, technology, or information. These assets will be kept secure while unauthorized persons will be kept out.

Chain Link Gate Installation in Tennessee

Chain link gates are functional, proving to be a durable yet affordable option. Multiple properties outside of Nashville, TN have been fitted with a chain link fence gate by Pro-Line Fence Company. Request a quote from us today!

Chain Link Gate Options

Cantilever Slide Gate

Cantilever gates slide along the fence line to open. This linear motion saves property space and reduces the risk of contact with surrounding vehicles or objects. Due to the design and functionality, cantilever slide gates tend to require less maintenance.

Single or Double Swing Gates

As the name implies, these gates swing to open. A single swing gate is one panel and requires only one gate operator. This is ideal for smaller entries, or where space is not an issue. A double swing gate has two panels and requires two operators. The expense is higher as a result of the second operator, but there are some advantages. Double gates are more efficient when installed for larger entry openings. The gate panels do not need as much clearance when opening, as a single gate does, and this provides a more stately appearance.

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