Homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from gated properties. There are several uses for, and types of, gates including: driveway, entry, security, and more. When choosing a gate, it is important to select a material that will meet all your user needs. Aluminum is a popular choice, and we at Pro-Line Fence Co. are here to tell you why!

What Are The Benefits of Aluminum Gates?

Limited to No Maintenance

Aluminum gates are arguably the most durable on the market. Aluminum does not rust, crack, shrink, or warp. These are all major concerns for fences and gates of other materials such as wood and iron. As a result, aluminum gates can withstand the test of time. This leads us to the next benefit of choosing an aluminum gate, cost.

Cost Effective

Because aluminum gates are resistant to most natural damage, they require less maintenance. The costs associated with this gate will likely be limited to purchase and installation fees. In comparison to other building materials, aluminum is inexpensive. With a lower initial cost and little to no maintenance fees, aluminum gates are a fantastic investment.


There are pros and cons to having a lightweight gate. When paired with an operator, lightweight gates are a huge plus. This puts less wear and tear on the operator, thus increasing the chance of longevity and efficiency. Additionally, these gates are easier to install. The cons of a lightweight gate are subjective. Gates made of stronger, heavier materials like steel will offer greater security. Nonetheless, aluminum gates are capable of keeping commercial and residential properties secure.

Aluminum Gate Installation in Nashville, TN

Pro-Line Fence Co. is a fencing company based out of Nolensville, Tennessee. We serve the surrounding areas including – but not limited to – Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, and Lebanon. Our team can design and install an aluminum gate with one of our high-tech operators for maximum efficiency. Contact Pro-Line Fence Co. today to get started!

Pro Line Fence Co. installs a unique aluminum gate with an operator for automatic entry

A lightweight aluminum gate installed by Pro Line Fence Co.

A Pro Line Fence aluminum gate installed to provide driveway security and access control

An aluminum estate gate installed by Pro Line Fence

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